4.12.18 - Creative History was Made

I can’t belive that I actually did it. (With a judge nudge from my sister or couser) 

I actually piped up! Made some ish and peopl bought it!! 


My lide ode will be forever changed. For years I have wanted to dedicate a company to my father but was too scared. Give money and do things that will help others rpple


all the beads in my house will no longer just “sit!  


I have am officially the the creator of The Adiaha Eyo Collection”  


and open letter to the Spice Girl Boss 

4.12.18 will always go in my life history as the day I was able to face my fear and put myself out there as a creative and it’s all because of you. I am not good at writing fancy letters but what I am is grateful. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a creative in your space. Thank you for being an amazing women entrepreneur! Thank you for showing us how to be free.This experience has changed my life.

- Nsikan Simone

### End