The Creator

Nsikan Edet, Adiaha Eyo’s creator, is new to the jewelry industry but not new to creativity.  Born and raised in Washington DC Nsikan introduces The Adiaha Eyo, (pronounced “Ahh-Di-Ah Eyo”) Collection, to the world.

The name of her collection pays tribute to her father, Eyo and the name “Adiaha Eyo” means Eyo’s first daughter. Growing up Nsikan spent countless hours as a passenger in the front seat of her father’s taxi. In that seat she learned lessons on life, happiness and pursuing her dreams. She also came to believe that there is art in everything you see. It’s in the waves of an ocean, the lines of a smile and the stroke of a lover’s pen. Life is beautiful. Life is Art. 

This personal philosophy is reflected in each handmade piece of this collection. Whether you are a man or woman, Nsikan hopes to share the beauty of life with you through her wearable art. Nsikan is proud to present “Adiaha Eyo” to the world, a beautiful collection where art, design and beauty collide.